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Bring Nature, wherever you are

NYMPH was born from a strong belief in the healing and restorative powers of Nature.
Long walks in the woods, beach strolls letting the sea breeze fill our lungs, unwinding before a cup of chamomile tea, burning frankincense or sage at home. In one way or another we can always find a way to get closer to Nature…or bring Nature to the city. The scent of NYMPH products conjures Nature wherever you are.

While high-quality rose and lavender essential oils have been employed in the deodorant formula, other subtly and skilfully blended notes add dimension to them. Regarding the floral Facial Mists, creator Virginia Blanco conceived both as more than soliflores as well. Lavender Facial Mist evokes a walk in Provence, with herbs and freshly-mown hay complementing the lavender. Meanwhile, Rose Facial Mist is enhanced with the tiniest hint of peppermint for unexpected freshness in a pairing that is as uncomplicated as it is masterful.
Bring all those sensations with you wherever you go!

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